“Today that a huge passion has become I feel like a great “narrator” of frames and I think it’s important that who dwells observing a picture of mine, young or old it doesn’t care, he makes himself questions about that : reflection is the only thing it really cares. I am sure people of my age would remember times spent playing along the streets or around the square, when Computers and Play Station didn’t exist. There’s something I’d like to say to young people: sometimes just a little is enough to be happy! I firmly believe in Art and in all its forms, as it was a language to be learned, in order to understand what a picture really wants to communicate us. I am convinced that a work of art has to substain itself, without “criticism”. Often it may found a lot of critical references in shows and expositions .That is because I believe that a Work of art has to be unique and important in all its loneliness”.